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The purpose of this study is to investigate features of advertising Language as a method of learning speaking English. This paper utilized Observation and Interview to gather the data. There are take Primary and Secondary data. The results of this study show the used of Advertising Language on the video assignment by the students are containing the features of advertising Language, and the result of the interview session that student helpful with the advertising Language to speech and supporting that can improve speaking English skills. Advertising Language have basic representations of perception that are interesting. Therefore, the researcher found that the function of the advertising Language features used had helped the subject speak both consciously and unconsciously, as a result of observations and in-depth interviews, the students have their own narrative that they fully supported the advertising Language itself use as a method of improving speaking English skills on the future.</p> M Firas Al Farisi, Godefridus Bali Geroda Copyright (c) 2020 M Firas Al Farisi, Godefridus Bali Geroda Sat, 29 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0700 Teacher’s Strategies in Teaching English Speaking to Young Learners <p>In teaching and learning process strategy is an activity that should be done both teacher and learner in order to get learning activity become effective and efficient. In short, teaching strategies are very important since they determine the success of teaching process. Strategies used by teachers should be interesting and can capture students’ attention. Some of the strategies used in teaching speaking are such cooperative activities as role-play, creative tasks, and drilling [1].</p> <p>This article report a qualitative study that find out teacher’s strategies in teaching English speaking to young learners in junior school. Two junior school teacher in SMP Purnama were participated in this research and data were collected through interviews based on a case study design.</p> <p>The result of this study indicated the technique employed by the teacher in teaching speaking were so various such as role play, storytelling, social strategy and discussion. Teachers at SMP Purnama use more than one teaching strategy same like explanation above. This strategy helps students in an easier, faster, and more fun way mastering vocabulary so that it greatly supports the improvement of students' speaking skills.</p> <p>The teachers chooses a strategy based on the principles of teaching speaking. The teacher uses several strategies to help students are more motivated to learn and can add to their new vocabulary.</p> Nia Florentina Robert, Widi Syahtia Pane Copyright (c) 2020 Nia Florentina Robert, Widi Syahtia Pane Sat, 29 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0700 The Teachers Exploring Students’ Speaking Skill using Hypnoteaching <p>Hypnoteaching could be a “new” strategy or procedure in education, especially in the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, hypnoteaching was an activity in which the teacher gave affirmative or positive words. Hypnosis is usually described or done with a conscious state where. In teaching, hypnosis collaboration with the activity is that the teacher gave a positive word to students. This study was conducted in M.A. Sabillarasyad. To found the result in this study researcher used interviews were as an instrument to collect the data. The subjects in this study are three teachers. The result showed that students’ speaking problems were reduced, and the students were more confident after the teacher used hypnoteaching, in which the teachers gave positive words to students by repetition. Furthermore, the students more relax and enjoy the learning process. The researcher found the HT1 as the teacher one used hypnoteaching in order for students focused on there did not aware when the teacher did hypnoteaching. Therefore the students feel more closely with the teacher when their inside or outside the class. The researcher concludes that Hypnoteaching was a suitable method for reducing students’ speaking problems and helped the teacher manage the classroom in the learning process.</p> Rahmaniah Rahmaniah, Abdul Rohman Copyright (c) 2020 Rahmaniah, Abdul Rohman Sat, 29 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0700 Effectiveness of Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) Video Game in Improving Vocabulary <p>One of the online-based games that are popular right now is PUBG. This online-based game is good to be used as an alternative for the student to learn vocabulary. This study aims to compare whether to learn English vocabulary through PUBG online game than pre adopted course. This paper utilized a pre-test and post-test questionnaire to gather the data. There are observations and reactions to digital games<strong>. </strong>This study indicated that after playing PUBG the students' mean score is significantly higher than before playing the game, showing the beneficial effect of using video games to improve students' English vocabulary. Video games have basic representations of perception that are interactive. Therefore, from an optimistic viewpoint, integrating video games into the learning process must be viewed. It is not a simple task to create video games packed with instructional features, but it is a standard solution to better understand their assignments. Via problem-solving, decision-making, conclusion-making and collaborative study with their peers, students learn cognitive and beneficial components in addition to fun. Not only do students know about the subject, but they also develop their personalities.</p> Sastradwija Putra Perkasa, Dedi Rahman Nur Copyright (c) 2020 Sastradwija Putra Perkasa, Dedi Rahman Nur Sat, 29 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0700 The Perceptions between Teachers’ in Public and Private Schools related to the (LFH) Learn from Home Policy <p>Knowledge of the various kinds of teacher perceptions between 2 different schools about LFH policies will increase our knowledge of each teacher's strengths and weaknesses in learning activities using LFH policies during the pandemic. This research was conducted in private schools SD Darul Falah 2 Samarinda and public schools SDN 019 Muara Badak, namely four teachers and two principals. It collected data in this study using interview techniques to determine the strengths and weaknesses of LFH policies from teacher perceptions of LFH policies and questionnaire techniques to support interviews with teachers. Furthermore, The results showed that 24% of private school teachers' perceptions of the LFH policy were included in the "Disagree" category. Similar to private schools, the results showed that public school teachers' perceptions of LFH policies, namely 23.5%, were also included in the "Disagree" category. From these two results, it can be concluded that the average teacher disagrees with the LFH policy because it is considered to have many deficiencies that can impact current education development. The data subject was challenged to face in the learning process because the situation made students and teachers need a high focus level to understand what was conveyed by the teacher in daring or online learning.</p> Sri Wahyuni, Ariyanti Ariyanti Copyright (c) 2020 Sri Wahyuni, Ariyanti Sat, 29 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0700 The Using of Short Stories to Enhance Students’ Reading Comprehension <p>The study uses classroom action research. This study also to solve the problems in the class and it also has a cycle with four steps. The data were collected by observation, learning test results, and documentation. This study involved 35 students in eight grade of SMPN 5 Samarinda. This study was carried out in one cycle. It also showed that there is an enhancement in students’ learning results. In addition, it can be said that the use of short stories during the teaching and learning process is very effective to enhance students’ reading comprehension. This is due to the enthusiasm of students to join the process and short stories that are exciting to read. Hence, the students’ mean score indicated that there is an enhancement during the teaching and learning process using short stories. Using short stories as teaching material and strategy in teaching is a very good way, especially to enhance their reading comprehension. This is because short stories provide motivation through moral lessons and get students involved in learning activities. Short stories also give students time to interact with the text by reading the whole story from various short stories. Besides, short stories are also exciting because short stories are very diverse and it enriches students’ vocabulary. Finally, short stories also make students think critically through what is conveyed by the stories.</p> Yustina Jeni Copyright (c) 2020 Yustina Jeni Sat, 29 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0700