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The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on maternal and child health services, such as
optimal monitoring of maternal and child health. Offline maternity class services also
encountered problems and resulted in a lack of information to pregnant women during the
Covid-19 pandemic situation. Thus, re-implementing this online class for pregnant women
can reduce misconceptions that are still wrong in everyday life. The method used is an online
method by forming discussion and consultation forums involving pregnant women, posyandu
cadres, health center midwives. The parameter for achieving this class of pregnant women is
that pregnant women can know how to prevent Covid-19 during pregnancy by applying the
use of adaptation of new habits and applying health protocols in daily life. The purpose of the
class for pregnant women is to increase the knowledge of pregnant women about problems
during pregnancy and the formation of discussion and consultation forums regarding the
prevention of Covid-19 during pregnancy.
Keyword: pregnant women, covid-19, health mother

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