Jurnal Warna : Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Anak Usia Dini 2022-03-30T20:59:14+07:00 Hanita,M.Pd Open Journal Systems <p>Jurnal Warna : Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Anak Usia Dini published by the Department of English Language Education, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Widya Gama Mahakam Samarinda University, which is published twice a year in&nbsp;March and September It contains articles of research in the field of early childhood education and learning Articles are written in Bahasa and English</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">ISSN&nbsp;2502-8197 (Print)</a>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">ISSN&nbsp;2502-8189 (Online)</a></p> PERANAN AUGMENTED REALITY DALAM PENGENALAN HURUF DAN ANGKA PADA ANAK- ANAK PRE-SCHOOL 2022-03-30T20:59:13+07:00 Yudi Antonie Stevanus Soegito <p><em><span lang="id">The development of education in this modern era and digitalization, is developing towards a more perfect and balanced direction in life that is needed by every individual. Education is needed to be fulfilled to carry out the maturation process individually and in society. Education is considered veryimportant and should be given to early childhood, namely the age of 0-6 years, which is an important age in physical and psychological development. These developments still require parental participation in maximizing existing formal and non-formal educational institutions. At the age of 0-6 years,children are still thinking concretely, so they need interesting, informative learning media in explaining the abstract so that the material can be understood by children. In this era of digitalization technology, many technological innovations have emerged that are used as learning media in the form of Augmented Reality. AR (Augmented Reality) technology was chosen as one of the learning media that can improve the quality of education, especially the level of understanding of early childhood. This study uses Augmented Reality technology in introducing letters and numbers to 47 pre-school students, using experimental methods in implementing this Augmented Reality application. This application is intended to provide a significant improvement in understanding and recognition of Letters and Numbers, and to provide children's interest in learning</span></em></p> 2022-03-30T19:38:13+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Yudi Antonie Stevanus Soegito MOTIVASI BELAJAR GURU PAUD DI TK NEGERI PEMBINA KARANGAN DALAM PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN SELAMA PANDEMI 2022-03-30T20:59:13+07:00 Nuryanti Nuryanti Hanita Hanita Rizqi Syafrina <p><em>Based on government regulations regarding the implementation of learning during the pandemic by learning from home. So PAUD teachers must be able to innovate in carrying out learning activities through online and offline learning according to directions from the government. This study aims to determine the implementation of PAUD teacher learning motivation in Pembina Karangan State Kindergarten during the pandemic. This study uses a qualitative approach, with data collection through observation, interviews, and documentation. The subject of the study was a Kindergarten teacher at Pembina Karangan. From the results of the analysis, it is known that the implementation of learning during the pandemic is increasing as a form of achievement motivation during the pandemic. This achievement is supported by aspects of perseverance, independence, struggle, and consistency in expressing opinions.</em></p> 2022-03-30T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Rizqi Syafrina SENTRA SEBAGAI MODEL PEMBELAJARAN UNGGULAN DI PAUD IT SABILAL MUHTADIN BANJARMASIN 2022-03-30T20:59:13+07:00 Apriani Apri Ika Irayana <p><em>This study aims to determine the center as a superior learning medel in Islamic PAUD Sabilal Muhtadin Banjarmasin. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach with tools. Data collectors in the form of observations, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis in this study using the analysis of the Milles and Huberman done inductively, namely drawing conclusions.with the collection stage in the form of voraciously reducing data. Presenting data and verification. The stages of checking the validity of the data in this study used an extension observation, observation persistence, and triangulation. The result of this study indicate that the center is a model superior learning at Islamic integrated PAUD Sabilal Muhtadin Banjarmasin using the center learning model from 2006 until now, application of the center learning model in the islamic Integrated PAUD Sabilal Muhtadin Banjarmasin in accordance with the indicators set. Facilitate children playing about the concept of Early Childhood learning. Because Islamic integrated PAUD Sabilal Muhtadin Banjarmasin once every one to two years sending teachers in turn to Al-Falah Malaka, East jakarta for participating in various trainings in the development of the center learning model and the Islamic integrated PAUD Sabilal Muhtadin Banjarmasin is used as a fence reference schools by other school both from the city of Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru, HSU, Kandamgam and Pelaihari. Factors affecting the center as a superior learning model namely teachers children and media.&nbsp; </em></p> 2022-03-30T20:14:59+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Apriani Apri, Ika Irayana ANALISIS PENDIDIKAN KARAKTER ANAK USIA DINI PADA TAYANGAN FILM KARTUN CLOUD BREAD 2022-03-30T20:59:13+07:00 Zira shafira shafira Hardiyanti Pratiwi Samdani Samdani <p><em>Character education is one form of education that must be introduced to children from an early age because it teaches children to get used to doing good. Character education is not enough if it is only given through teaching. In today's era, social media is one of the media that can help create character education, one of which is YouTube social media. From the youtube application, users can easily access video shows, one of which is</em><em> cartoons, and parents can use it to provide character education to their children. . One of the cartoons that many children like is the Cloud Bread cartoon, and many parents give this show to their children because of their belief in the character education it contains. Therefore, this study aims to find out what early childhood character education is contained in the Cloud Bread. This type of research is content analysis using the semiotic method of Ferdenand de Saussure, which is a science or analytical method to study signs. This study uses a qualitative content analysis methodological approach. The subject of this research is the cartoon film Cloud Bread, while the object of the research is the education of characters and scenes along with the dialogue of the contents of the film Cloud Bread. The data collection technique used is documentation, and the data analysis technique used is semiotic analysis, namely the science or method of analysis to examine the sign device. The results obtained from this study indicate that the character education contained in the Cloud Bread cartoon is honest, disciplined, hard work, creative, curious, appreciative of achievement, friendly or communicative, peace-loving, fond of reading, social care and responsibility.</em></p> 2022-03-30T20:26:35+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Zira shafira shafira, Hardiyanti Pratiwi , Samdani Samdani MENGENALKAN KONSEP ANGKA 1-10 MELALUI PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL ENGKLEK 2022-03-30T20:59:14+07:00 Aisyah Aisyah <p><em><span lang="EN-ID">The research is motivated by the low ability of children to recognize numbers 1-10. From the results of preliminary observations children are still experiencing difficulties and still need help in recognizing numbers. For this reason, playing activities using traditional Engklek games are used as a means of introducing the concept of numbers 1-10. This study aims to determine the effect of traditional engklek games on the introduction of the concept of numbers 1-10 in group A RA Darussalam Jogosatru Sukodono Sidoarjo. The method with the research subject was Group A RA Darussalam Josgosatru Sukodono Sidoarjo, consisting of 29 children. The type of research used is pre-experimental design. With the design of “One Group Pretest and Post Test Design”. Data collection techniques using Observation, Tests, and Documentation. The data analysis techniques using the t test. Based on the results of the t-test analysis it can be seen that the value of the t-test (5,116) and than the t-table value is (2.048) with a significance level of 0,05%. From these results it can be seen that the value of t-count &gt; t-table, so that H<sub>0</sub> is rejected and H<sub>a </sub>is <sub>&nbsp;</sub>accepted. So it can be concluded that there is the influence of traditional Engklek games on the introduction of the concept numbers 1-10 in group A RA Darussalam Jogosatru Sukodono Sidoarjo</span></em></p> 2022-03-30T20:42:35+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Aisyah Aisyah DIGITAL LITERATION AND MULTIMODAL FOR EARLY CILDHOOD EDUCATION 2022-03-30T20:59:14+07:00 Dyah Ageng Pramesty Koenarso Aspiya Aziza <p><em>The digital and multimodal literacy process of early childhood at TK Santa Maria and PAUD Sabilal Muhtadin Banjarmasin is carried out through watching educational films such as the Prophet's story, introducing themes, motor and art activities through the media of projectors, cellphones, laptops, and computers. These activities increase children's interest in the learning process, children establish verbal language with non-verbal modes such as gestures and facial expressions to express meaning in their interactions with others. Digital and multimodal literacy activities carried out so far are by using a display through a projector to introduce themes, sometimes children use television in the free room to watch such as religious films, exercise or dance activities and listen to songs to children. A multimodal approach to optimal literacy and collaboration with parents can provide games, and other communicative modes (gestures, movement, music, etc.).</em></p> 2022-03-30T20:57:34+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Dyah Ageng Pramesty Koenarso, Aspiya Aziza