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Nowadays, English is one of world languages  which should be acquired by the world communities as the global citizens. However, ability to speak English communicatively in the global contexts is found as tremendous problems for most students of Islamic Higher Education since the lack of the course in promoting intercultural bases in learning process.


This paper is a review literature article that was conducted by analyzing the information of 25-intercultural learning articles. It used ‘intercultural’ as the keyword of searching. The articles were derived from Google Scholar as the scholar engine source. The researcher used documentation in collecting the data and applied thematic analysis in analyzing the data.


Promoting familiarity both local culture and target language culture may trigger Islamic Higher Education students to have better proficiency in speaking English in the widespread contexts. Intercultural framework in speaking facilitates the students to have wider viewpoints that it may minimize misinformation and miscommunication when they have to interact with the other English speakers from the different communities in the world.


Building intercultural perspective for English department students of Islamic Higher Education students is urgently required to train them to be context sensitive people in making relationship with other people from the various contexts.


This research is aimed to design a systematic pattern and material in speaking course for English Department Students of Islamic Higher Education.


intercultural learning intercultural competence speaking

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SusilowatiT. (2023). Framework of Intercultural Learning in Speaking for Islamic Higher Education in the International Context. Script Journal: Journal of Linguistics and English Teaching, 8(01), 83-97.