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Speaking ability is very important for everyone to have good communication, especially in international communication since English is the international language. This research is about the student’s needs in speaking materials. There are 30 students became the respondent to this research. The data were collected through a questionnaire consisting of 29 items and interviews. Based on the students’ questionnaire and interview, we can find that most students agreed that grammar (63,3%) is the most difficult thing in learning English speaking and fluency (13,3%). Also, some students in the interview cannot easily identify the exposition text because it is difficult to conclude. 6 students participated in the interview using a voice note to record their answers about the need for speaking materials. Most students agreed that they wanted to do a conversation, making a discussion, and games to make the situation friendly and fun in English-speaking learning.


Speaking, need analysis, material

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FitriZ., & AbbasA. (2023). Students Need Analysis on Speaking Materials: A Survey Study at SMA N 1 Bantul. Script Journal: Journal of Linguistics and English Teaching, 8(01), 98-113.

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