Published: Oct 27, 2020

Compliment Strategies Used by The Judges in Indonesian and American Idol 2019: A Cross-Cultural Pragmatics Study

55-69 Muji Agustiyani
Read Statistic: 285

Mobile-Assisted Pronunciation Training: The Google Play Pronunciation and Phonetics Application

70-88 Fitria Meisarah
Read Statistic: 471

Arabic Dialects of Lamomea and Pudahoa at Students in Gontor 4 and 7 Southeast Sulawesi

89-108 Laode Abdul Wahab, Aris Try Andreas Putra Putra
Read Statistic: 189

The Directness Levels of Criticism: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Korean and American Youtuber

109-119 Aan Anisah Agustini Safari
Read Statistic: 183

Self-efficacy of General English Lecturers after a Home-base Policy Change in an English Department in an Indonesian University

120-135 Ahmad Munir
Read Statistic: 104

Using Technology-Mediated Board Game on Young Learners

136-148 Niluh Putu Puri Palupi Sukenasa, Ju-Ling Shih, Herman Dwi Surjono
Read Statistic: 539

Process Approach in the Teaching of Writing for Undergraduate EFL Students

149-164 Yogi Setyawan, N. K. Arie Suwastini , Ni Made Ratminingsih
Read Statistic: 184

The Syntactic Functions of Conversational Implicature Utterances with Academic Context: Pragmasyntactic Studies

165-180 Suhartono Suhartono
Read Statistic: 115

Evaluative Language Maintenance and Shift on Vice-Presidential Candidates Reportage: Translation Analysis of ‘The Conversation’ Political News

181-194 Ahmad Zakki Maulana, Mangatur Rudolf Nababan, Riyadi Santosa
Read Statistic: 225