Published: Oct 22, 2022

Virtual Assessment in English Language Teaching during COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Considerations in Bangladesh Perspectives

273-298 Md. Nazmul Haque Haque, Md. Mozaffor Hossain
Read Statistic: 350

Is English Teachers Forum Contributive to Teachers’ Professionalism Development? Voices from Indonesian EFL Teachers

299-314 Susanto Susanto
Read Statistic: 535

Nadiem Makarim’s Speech: A Critical Discourse Analysis at National Education Day

315-329 Achmad Ivansyah Obos, Bibit Suhatmady, Yuni Utami Asih
Read Statistic: 412

Students’ Anxiety and Motivation to Speak English at Islamic Boarding School

330-347 Sayuri Sayuri, Noor Malihah, Umar Fauzan
Read Statistic: 212

Evaluating Activities in English Textbooks: Genre-Based Approach in Indonesian Contexts

348-366 Riyadi Santosa, Tri Wiratno, Agus Dwi Priyanto, Djatmika Djatmika
Read Statistic: 240

Students’ Online Assessments in Higher Education Context: Indonesian Teacher Educators’ Voice

367-379 Didik Sucahyo, Istanti Hermagustiana, Desy Rusmawaty
Read Statistic: 150

Dialogic Reading to Promote the Underprivileged Pre-School Children's Expressive Language Ability

380-397 Andi Asrifan, Iwan Setiawan, Maria Teodora Ping, Syamdianita Syamdianita, Nur Fadillah Nurchalis
Read Statistic: 583

Optimizing Teacher Questioning Strategies for Enhanced Reading Comprehension in EFL Classrooms

398-412 Masduki
Read Statistic: 126