Published: Oct 31, 2023

Gender Reconstruction in Visual Form of Teaching Material

140-153 Wening Sahayu, Lia Malia, Retna Endah Sri Mulyati, Sulis Triyono, Rahma Kurnia Novitasari, Sulaimon Jamiu Tamitope
Read Statistic: 69

Self-Regulated Learning In Blended Learning Environment

154-162 Jeane Tuilan
Read Statistic: 43

The Use of Mobile Applications in Digital Project-based Learning to Improve Students’ English Speaking Skill

163-179 Woro Kusmaryani, Firima Zona Tanjung
Read Statistic: 69

Adopting Project Based Learning in Translation Class to Facilitate Translator Emergent Competences

180-197 Sugeng Hariyanto, Achmad Suyono, Fitrotul Maulidiyah, Kun Mustain
Read Statistic: 55

Interactions of Novice Researchers with Journal Reviewers: Exploring Recommendations on Academic Writing

198 - 214 Dzul Rachman
Read Statistic: 43

Problems Faced by English Teacher Candidates in Developing Test Kits for Assessing Students’ Learning

215-225 Ari Purnawan, Asfar Arif Nurharjanto, Annisa Nurul Ilmi
Read Statistic: 60

Lecturers’ Perception of Moodle-based LMS in Speaking Class

226-246 Bramy Biantoro, Rosalin Ismayoeng Gusdian
Read Statistic: 47

Social Semiotic of Covid-19 Health Protocol: Systemic Functional Linguistics

247-262 I Ketut Suardana
Read Statistic: 82