Author Guideline

  1. The manuscript can be written in English Language or Bahasa Indonesia with a Docx file and be submitted online via a journal website. The author must log in in order to make a submission.
  2. Ensure that the year distance between all references or bibliography is at least 6 years from the current year
  3. We take references very seriously. Authors should ensure that all references are complete and written strictly as latest APA Edition. If the DOI of an article is not available.
  4. Use any reference manager, we recommend Mendeley.
  5. The abstract must as far as possible be in a single paragraph and must be between 150-250 words
  6. After downloading the template, the authors do not need to change the paper margin size, because the size of the margin is already in accordance with the standard A4 paper size 
  7. The author also does not remove the watermark and the footer of the article template
  8. The minimum number of pages for the article is 10 pages and a maximum of 15 pages, the article that extends more than 15 pages will have extra payment. For more detail see our author fees 
  9. For more details please download our article template on point 10;
  10. BORJU Template English research article
    BORJU Template Indonesia research article
    BORJU Template English Theoretical reviews or Conceptual Reviews
    BORJU Template Indonesia Theoretical reviews or Conceptual Reviews


Below is one of Borju Journal Template View