Published: Apr 25, 2017

Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension Through Text Structure Tasks

1-12 Abdul Rohman
Read Statistic: 2323

Techniques for Teaching Speaking Skill in Widya Gama Mahakam University

13-25 Arbain Arbain, Dedi Rahman Nur
Read Statistic: 2871

Improving Speaking Fluency of The 7th Graders Students Through The Communicative Approach In SMPN 1 Tenggarong

26-37 Dwi Panria Irianti, Ikhwanul Ahsan Faryabi Muja
Read Statistic: 1099

The Implementation of Kagan’s Cooperative (Co-Op) Technique to Improve Reading Comprehension of Junior High Students

38-50 Farid Helmi Setyawan
Read Statistic: 1152

English Department Students’ Beliefs Towards Plurilingualism And Its Influence on English Academic Achievement and Language Learning Styles In Mulawarman University

51-67 Feti Fahmimroah, Maria Teodora Ping, Iwan Setiawan
Read Statistic: 876

Developing 10 Interesting Games as the Breakthrough of Monotonous Implementation of Flashcards to Vocabulary Learning and Assessments

68-82 I Putu Indra Kusuma, Ni Luh Diah Surya Adnyani, Gusti Ayu Putu Taharyanti
Read Statistic: 1294

Teacher’s Role in Managing the Class during Teaching and Learning Process

83-100 Ignatius Rindu, Ariyanti Ariyanti
Read Statistic: 2634

Improving Students’ vocabulary Mastery By Using Blended Learning Model in State Polytechnic Padang

101-110 muthia damaiyanti, Indah Sari
Read Statistic: 1378

The Effects of Implementing Workshop on Radio Broadcasting Class Towards Students Speaking Ability

111-124 Nini Wahyuni
Read Statistic: 730